The Montgomery County Redevelopment Commission was created for the purpose of promoting growth of existing area businesses, and utilizing incentives to attract new businesses to Montgomery County.

Montgomery County is situated in the heart of a strong regional geographic area. The county is located between the urban centers of Lafayette and Indianapolis. The county is approximately 505 square miles and is located adjacent to some of the fastest growing areas in the state, including: Zionsville, Whitestown and Lebanon. These areas are not only experiencing residential growth, but a significant expansion of their commuter base as well. With the surrounding areas rapidly developing, Montgomery County is next in line with economically viable inventory.

Montgomery County is an area with the assets to deliver long term economic development sustainability. There is ongoing economic development interest in certain areas in the county and our role is guiding it the right direction, and creating connections with the appropriate strategic investment in assets and infrastructure. We are operating under a strategic planning effort to develop the economic development vision for the county for today and into the future.


The Mission of the Redevelopment Commission coincides with the overall Vision Goals of Montgomery County. By focusing development in targeted Development Focus Areas while investing in critical infrastructure, the RDC plays a key role in achieving those Vision Goals.
Develop an attractive place where people want to live, work, play, and learn. Montgomery County should be a place where people can raise a family while maintaining the small-town feel that currently exists within the fabric of our community.
Attract and value education at all levels, while still promoting progressive minded thinking.
Create a place with higher paying job opportunities so generation after generation will want to call this county “home.”
Preserve and protect farmland of all sizes by encouraging and promoting the continued development of an agriculture based business economy, while also promoting agricultural leadership within the county.
Continue to promote the county as a tourist destination with great natural resource attractions. Expand activities for all ages centered around open space parks, water sports, and trails.


Lori Dossett, Commissioners’ Executive Assistant Lori.Dossett@montgomerycounty.in.gov

Tom Klein, Economic Development Director Tom.Klein@montgomerycounty.in.gov 765-362-6514

Dan Taylor, Serves as Counsel dtaylor@tcmsclaw.com

BCS Management, Inc., Redevelopment Commission Management and Project Management Support lana@bcs-management.com

Board Members

Ron Dickerson, President r.dickers2003@yahoo.com

John Frey, Commissioner John.Frey@montgomerycounty.in.gov

Rex Ryker rexmryker@gmail.com

Gary Booth, Councilman gary@boothmachinery.com

Phil Littell palittell@aol.com

Julie Hess, Non-Voting School Board Member julie.hess@talktotucker.com 765-376-3112