Montgomery County is a great location for businesses. The area lends itself to creators, both on the manufacturing side and the growing retail environment. Businesses that move or start in Montgomery County tend to stay in Montgomery County. We are a community with hard-working values, a pro-business government and competitive cost of operations. Let us know if you are thinking about moving your business. We would love to meet you and share all that Montgomery County has to offer.

The latest data is reported by the U.S. Census Bureau and provides an overview of the business and economic aspects of the area.

Target Industries

Agribusiness: Agricultural Technology

The last several decades have seen a transformation within the agricultural economy. Changes in technology and the economics of agribusiness, both nationally and globally, have evolved significantly as agribusiness has evolved. Agribusiness remains a key economic sector nationally and it is an even larger part of the current and future economy of Montgomery County. With our current operations and heritage in agribusiness, Montgomery County is a leader in advancing this mission in the state of Indiana.

Ivy Tech Community College is building the next generation’s workforce in Precision Agriculture with the Bane Agricultural Technology Center, located in Lafayette, IN. Including our local campus in Crawfordsville, our community is strategically located to build a specialized workforce with the Precision Agriculture Technology Program.

Learn more about Ivy Tech’s Precision Agriculture Program.


The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network is a consortium of 10 counties in north-central Indiana devoted to working together to fuel prosperity by harnessing the power of Internet-enabled sensors to develop our region into a global epicenter of digital agricultural and next-generation manufacturing.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing makes up the largest employment industry in Montgomery County and remains a foundational industry in the community. The RDC has focused much of its support towards expanding existing business and drawing new manufacturers into the county. In association with Connexus Indiana, advanced manufacturing technologies will bring forth a new age of industry.

Learn more about Connexus Indiana and their Manufacturing Readiness Grant Program.

Logistical Advantage

Our easy access to the Indianapolis International Airport and greater Indianapolis area, combined with our competitive property value and cost of living, Montgomery County offers a logistically advantageous location for distribution, manufacturing and suppliers of the major industries in the region.

Business and Economy

Business Counts


Total employer establishments in Montgomery County, Indiana


Total employer establishments in the United States


751 - 1,950

1,950 - 3,570

3,570 - 5,802

5,802 - 23,250

Sales, Shipments, and Production


Total retail sales (in thousands) in Montgomery County, Indiana


Total retail sales (in thousands) in the United States

Taxes & Incentives

The RDC monitors and studies current economic conditions, planning infrastructure and other projects designed to create jobs, and otherwise address economic development issues. Additionally, the RDC is especially situated to finance such projects because of the statutory powers which allows for Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) and the creation of a TIF District provides a means to facilitate and finance economic development related projects within a designated Economic Development allocation area.

Projects to Promote Growth
  • Installation of critical infrastructure
  • Assistance with land acquisition
  • Special incentives to employers
Property Valuation
As assessed property value of a parcel appreciates from development activities, the property tax associated with the same parcel will also increase proportionally. The amount of increase in tax revenue from development activity is collected as increment by the Redevelopment Commission. The base taxes are collected by the County, as they were before the increase.
The capital required to finance projects is obtained through the sale of bonds by the County against the increment revenue. Increment revenue provides the financial source from which the Redevelopment Commission can pay off principal and interest from bond sales. The Commission can also finance certain projects directly from increment revenue.

Projects solely funded by the private sector would not likely be able to occur, but for the involvement of the Redevelopment Commission and the establishment of a TIF District for the proposed Allocation Area.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a critical component of successful economic development within a community. More often than ever before, companies are looking for the sites that are most immediately available for construction. The Montgomery RDC works to have shovel ready sites with infrastructure in place that only require permit approval to begin development.

Additionally, we work to help provide guarantees on timelines by which infrastructure can be made available and it is essential. Infrastructure is considered a distinct advantage for Montgomery County as recent improvements have provided significant capacity for water and wastewater to serve future uses.