Both Phases of sanitary sewer are now complete. Indiana American Water is now underway with Phase 1 for water!

Phase 1 – extension of water distribution facilities from INAW’s facilities east along State Road 32
to Nucor Road

The design phase is complete and the construction of the proposed water transmission main has
been awarded to Plant Brothers.

Twenty-six easements are required for the proposed water main. To date, twenty-one easements
have been acquired; three easements are forthcoming; and two easements are in the condemnation process.

Four permits are required for the proposed water main. These include the INDOT Right-of-Way
permit, the IDEM Notice of Intent to Construct a Watermain Extension, the IDEM Rule 5 permit, and the IDEM/USACE Section 401/404 permit which is required for construction in a delineated
wetland. All four permits have been received or completed.

Construction is now underway.

Phase 1: from the plant at Banjo Drive east to Nucor Road
Phase 2: from the end of Phase 1 south to CR 100S
Phase 3: from the end of Phase 2 south to CR 500S