WHIN Update

Thanks to a $900,000 impact grant from the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network and Indiana West Advantage, Ivy Tech Community College is in the process of building the next generation’s workforce in Precision Agriculture. The Bane Agricultural Technology Center, located in Lafayette, as well as through the local campus in Crawfordsville, our community is strategically located to build a specialized workforce with the Precision Agriculture Technology Program.

Ivy Tech WHIN Impact 

The grant is being allocated towards Career and Technical Education training and certification. Mobile trailers are being sent throughout the region, including Montgomery County schools, to provide on-site demonstration and recruiting for the new  program.

Click the link below for the article and video from West Lafayette local news: https://www.wlfi.com/content/news/New-agriculture-program-at-Ivy-Tech-to-help-local-community-thanks-to-WHIN-568918501.html 



Learn more about Ivy Tech’s Precision Agriculture Program at: