Our Annual Meeting and presentation was held on November 10th this year. While these presentations are required by Indiana Code, we’re always excited for the opportunity to give the community insight into progress on various projects for the year. This article will cover the highlights of the developments in Montgomery County throughout 2020. 

Wastewater Infrastructure Expansion Project Update

The Montgomery County Regional Sewer District provides sanitary sewer service to the Nucor TIF and economic development areas designated by the RDC. 

The installation of 2 regional lift stations along SR 32 includes the following:

  • Collection System expansion – northward on Nucor Road to SR 32, westerly on SR 32
  • Installation of a total of 29,800 linear feet of sewer main
  • Installation of a total of 15,500 linear feet of sewer lateral
  • Decommissioning of 52 existing septic systems in Chigger Hollow addition

Current Infrastructure Expansion Projects

The Regional Sewer District’s treatment plant is operating near 50% of its 100,000 gallons per day operational capacity. Many industrial users are high-volume wastewater generators.

A phased capacity expansion has been initiated in preparation for economic development activity: 

Phase 1 – Design to 600k GPD capacity
Phase 2 – Build to 300k – 600k GPD capacity depending on user needs
Phase 3 – Plant design allows for expansion up to 1.2 million gallons per day 

Currently, the Regional Sewer District has completed 30% design and is now underway with completing 60% of the design phase.

Residential Development Efforts

BCS Management and members of the RDC have been in communications with residential developers and landowners to facilitate new housing inventory for the community. Improving and developing new housing inventory is key to Economic Development in the county, as it will support a growing workforce that is necessary to attract new businesses.

Site Development Efforts 

Proposed Plan 2020

NUCOR TIF Parcel Inventory 

On behalf of the RDC, BCS Management conducted a parcel inventory of the Nucor TIF are to begin communications with landowners to determine where new development could be viable. Following the parcel inventory, BCS is now assisting with attracting new businesses to the county that could support substantial job growth for the community. 

Marketing & Development Partner

BCS Management is currently working with the RDC’s Review Committee to finalize an agreement with a marketing and development partner. Our marketing and development partner will work on behalf of the RDC to assess property values, incorporate development perspectives and create a detailed development plan. They will also develop a marketing strategy to reach interested buyers. 

Long Term Plans 

The long-term plans for the allocation area include providing incentives and infrastructure needed to attract investment to fully develop the allocation area. The commission has undertaken funding to establish and expand sewer service and to expand water service. To support growth in the county and provide capacity for new businesses, the Montgomery County Sewer District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is in design phases to be expanded to 300 thousand gallons per day, eventually to be 600 gallons per day. The RSD’s expansion has been made possible with the support of the RDC.